The Top 4 Author Types Who Self-Publish

As well as there being a variety of reasons to self-publish there are also many different types of people looking to do so, and for their own reasons.

So, let’s take a look at a selection of these:

Career authors

This is the author who wants to make a career out of writing and publishing. In most situations the goal is to be published traditionally and give up the day job to become a full-time author.

In some cases, the author has received rejection letters from agents and publishers and this is often nothing to do with the quality of their work. More often than not it is because their book does not fit with the particular agent or publisher. In many cases, it is because the publisher does not want to take on the risk of a new author, preferring instead to rely on their stable of existing authors and celebrities who are more likely to guarantee a return.

The option of self-publishing gives the author a real chance to prove themselves in the market and create a business track record to show an agent or publisher that they are less of a risk.

Let’s face it, if an agent or a publisher is approached by an author who has self-published a book, proved the book has a market (based on their sales and reviews), then it is likely that they will be taken more seriously as a potential author to work with.

Business authors

It has long been said that the ‘book is the new business card’. With the majority of business owners needing to promote their products and company as quickly as possible, the option of self-publishing   their book and getting it on the market in two to three months can give them an edge on competitors.

The published book can also be used at talks, seminars and presentations to help impress existing and potential clients while also increasing credibility and revenue. In addition, there are writers who make a business solely out of their book by highlighting a market, promoting to it and selling high numbers of copies with a positive financial return.

Niche authors

Some authors realise that the subject matter of their book may not appeal to a wide market and, with the correct marketing, that self-publishing can help them reach a smaller but more targeted audience to sell their books, gain reviews and generate revenue.

Legacy authors

Some authors simply want to see their name and their book on a bookshelf. And why not?

You may have written a book which has been stuck in the top draw of your desk or sat on your PC for months, maybe years. If so why not publish it and make it available to a global audience? Or just give a copy to friends and family?

It might be on family history or a subject of local interest. Whatever the genre or subject why not explore the self-publishing journey  today?