How to Attract More Indian Authors to Self-Publish - Part 2

Last time we focused on the importance of hiring new staff and choosing the right partners, now it’s time to look at the 3rd and 4th key elements in trying to attract more Indian authors to Self-Publish.

3) Choosing target areas and tailoring our services – Target areas can take many forms –      geographic, languages through to demographic. This is particularly the case in India, with a huge population, diverse large states and multiple local languages. Having decided on particular target customers we have then factored this into our products/services and their pricing.

4) Targeted advertising and content –Having put the above in place, the next key element is to make sure our information reaches these customers through organic activity, such as free content, webinars are about to launch, social media, SEO and events. Secondly, we need to reach these customers through paid advertising such as through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, AdWords and other platforms. A believer in always working with experts, we will again be working with local partners to implement an agreed strategy.

As a result of the above, we can target, reach and look after our customers – then all that’s left is for the product and services to be strong enough to achieve customer satisfaction and repeat business. We are very excited by the potential in the India market and our progress to date and are looking forward to a fascinating rest of 2018.