The Must Have 9-point Checklist for Indian Writers to Successfully Self-Publish Their Book

Self publishing in India is a relatively new concept and with a lack of infrastructure compared to more mature self-publishing markets if can prove to be an expensive and arduous exercise.  Meaning it’s vital to be aware of all elements within the self-publishing journey in order to be able to make a fully informed choice when it comes to production, cover design, marketing, PR, pricing and distribution – to name but a few.

So here is our must have 9-point checklist to successfully self-publish your book.


1. Get a good editor

There's nothing more embarrassing than a big run of books full of mistakes, this is especially apparent if you are not confident in all aspects of English grammar.


2. Get your cover professionally designed

You'd be amazed at how much psychology goes into a good front cover.


3. Ensure your book is as good as possible

Is your style consistent? Has it been edited and proofread? Does every chapter have a purpose?


4. Time manage your project

Create a spreadsheet of tasks and estimate how long each task should take together with a full timeline from start to finish.


5. Build your readership with social media

Create a fan page, join groups and forums and connect with all types of readers and especially with those who are fans of your particular genre.


6. Market yourself

This is possibly one of the biggest tasks of your publishing journey. Make phone calls, sell yourself, get interviews, set up a stall, be active across an many mediums as you can


7. Be creative with your campaign

Phone in radio shows on any subject and sign off with quick plug for your book, print stickers or sponsor a billboard!


8. Write more

Start your next book, keep your creativity and enthusiasm alive.


9. Blog and comment on other blogs

Reach out to find potential readers when and where you can through a variety of interactions, and keep interacting with them as possible.