The Importance of Recruitment for a New Self-Publishing Business in India

Any business, from a self-publishing start-up through to a local restaurant, realises that the recruitment process isn’t easy. Speaking from a personal perspective our people will always be at the heart of what we do, so it’s imperative that whenever we add to our ranks, we do so smartly and effectively.

When looking to set up operations in a different country this recruitment process becomes even tougher. And we are still looking to fill some key vacancies in order to get our extensive self-publishing offering in front of as many Indian writers as possible.

So, if you happen to be well versed within the Indian publishing marketplace, have extensive contacts within the author community or simply have a passion for self-publishing, then why not go to the contact section and fill in the form telling us a bit more about yourself.

You never know, maybe this is a self-publishing journey we can go on together...