Setting Up a Self-Publishing Business in India

The Founder's Story – Tom Chalmers

Having started working in publishing in the UK at the age of 25 years, I made the decision to quit my job and start my own book publishing company. This sounds like a big move in hindsight, but at the time it was just an idea evolving, uninhibited by any knowledge of the big challenges that would lie ahead.

The company, Legend Press, really got going when I sold the rights of its second novel into seven countries, including India, and four languages. This gave me an idea of the international potential but in the 13 years since, and through six other businesses I have founded, I haven’t significantly grown business in India aside from licensing the occasional book. However, in the last 12 months, India has suddenly come to the forefront of my focus.

My visit in January this year really affirmed the wealth of opportunities surrounding self-publishing in India, and this led to a renewed focus on building the infrastructure for Create Publishing and readying it for launch. This has not been a simple process. The last year has seen us carefully research the market whilst working closely with a number of people and companies - including our traditional book distributor Penguin Random House India. A number of partnerships are already in place with major print, retail and other organisations - as well as setting up local offices - and we look forward to announcing those once the ink is finally dry.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, India is a fascinating market and, as we embark on this journey to help large numbers of Indian writers become self-published authors, I look forward to sharing our experiences along the way.