What is Create Publishing?

Create Publishing, part of the Legend Times Group founded by Tom Chalmers in 2005, is a spin off from highly successful self-publishing company New Generation Publishing, which has been trading for almost 10 years. This experience within the self-publishing sector, alongside many traditional publisher partnerships, will see Indian authors benefit from extensive international distribution channels that will help open the borders to a host of international books markets – in particular US, UK, Europe and Australia. Self-publishing partners will also have access to a wealth of marketing expertise as well as unique bookseller services that will help authors to sell more books both domestically and internationally.

Initially operated from the UK, Create Publishing will shortly be opening its first Indian-based office in Mumbai. A number of partnerships are in the pipeline across India and internationally to support and grow the venture. Initial talks are also underway with potential retail and translation partners, including creating an offering to publish across Indian local languages.

What publishing packages are available and what do they cost?

Create Publishing offers three packages, each tailored to the needs to authors, as well as several add-on editorial, sales and marketing services. These include file conversion, text layout, paperback distribution, ebook distribution, bespoke cover design, and marketing services like press releases and marketing materials. For details of the packages and their cost, click here.

Will my book be widely available?

Create Publishing will assign an ISBN to all editions of your book and will set it up with rupee, sterling, dollar and euro prices for national and international trade. Your book will be available through the distribution feeds, ensuring it is available via the major global online sites, such as Flipkart, Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Barnes and Noble, as well as available for bookshops to order through the major wholesalers.

How do I submit my work for publishing?

Simply view the package and services options and complete the enquiry form at the bottom. Once sent, a member of the team will be in touch to run you through each step, beginning with how to submit your manuscript for publication.

Will I receive a Publishing Agreement?

Yes, when the publication package is agreed, authors will receive a full agreement to be reviewed and returned, followed by their files as soon as they are ready. You can book in the package prior to your book being completed to secure your publishing slot.

Will I receive proofs of my book?

Yes, digital proofs will be sent of all final text and cover files for you, the author, to sign-off. There will also be an opportunity for you to make amendments if required, with the first round of changes (up to 50 text changes) completed for you free of charge.

What will happen if my book isn’t accepted?

Create Publishing reserves the right not to publish books that we consider not appropriate for publishing – whether it’s because we believe they may infringe on copyright or contain libellous content. If this is the case, the author will be informed and any payment made will be refunded in full, minus processing charges.

Do I retain copyright for my work?

Yes, the author retains copyright at all times and, should you wish to cancel the publication of your book and publish it elsewhere, you can do so by simply providing Create Publishing with 30 days’ notice. Create Publishing will delete/release the files supplied by the author at their request, and hold no further publication rights over the book.

What royalties will I receive?

From sales of your books through our global distribution channels, the author will receive 55% of royalties after retailer discounts and print costs have been deducted. Printing costs only apply to print books and only retailer discounts are deducted for ebook sales. These royalties ensure that you, the author, receive the majority of royalty profit from sales of your book.

Who sets the price of my book?

Create Publishing sets the price of the book, using the team’s industry expertise. They will ensure that it is priced competitively to increase its chances in the book market. An increase in price can increase the level of royalties, but also hamper the competitiveness in the market and vice-versa. Create Publishing prides itself on getting the balance right so the author can sell as many copies as possible for as strong a profit margin as possible.

When and how will I receive details and payment of royalties?

Royalty statements are sent by email every April and October each year. They will cover sales from July-December and January-June respectively. If the total due to the author is less than £25.00, this amount will be carried over to the next royalty statement. Due payments will be made electronically by BACS, unless otherwise agreed.

Will I receive support with the marketing of my book?

Yes, included in Create Publishing’s Packages are marketing services, from creation and distribution of press releases, to a range of marketing services. Our aim is to do all we can to help support your book(s).

How do I order author copies, and will I receive a special discount?

When your book is submitted to the printer, you will receive details of price, special author discounts and how to order author copies. This discount is exclusive to the author and will allow you to have stock of your book, whether for personal use or resale.

Orders, including your full delivery address and all order queries, should be sent to info@create-publishing.in

Can I gain extra discount by making bulk orders of copies?

Yes, the larger the bulk order, the more extra discount we will be able to offer you. For details, just email info@create-publishing.in stating the order quantities you would like prices for, and the team will provide quotes for you.

Once orders are placed and completed, the order will be sent to the printer. If you require the copies by a certain date, please include these details in the order and the team can advise.

Can I revise my book once it has been published?

Yes, one of the many advantages of using print-on-demand technology is that your book can be revised at any point, which is why we offer book revision as an add-on service. For more details, simply email info@create-publishing.in

Will my book continue to be available to the public?

Yes, your book will be available to a global audience until you inform us otherwise. Should you wish to terminate your book’s availability at that point, just let us know prior to the renewal date and there will be no renewal charge.

Why Choose Self-Publishing?

It's hard to get a traditional publisher to take a risk with your work. Traditional publishing is a commercial enterprise; they look for trend-fitting books and established authors to make their money, so it's hard to get your book out there, and a long struggle to find a literary agent or a publisher that likes your work. But, with self-publishing, you can:

  • Work to your own timetable
  • Receive higher royalties
  • Have full control over your story, the typesetting, the cover design, the illustrations and the marketing
  • Retain the rights to your work
  • Be published sooner than traditional production cycles
  • Test out a variety of competitive prices to help sell your book

Who Uses Self-Publishing?

You might have heard of these: Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Beatrix Potter. And what about the ones who were rejected by publishers and STILL made it? Like Dr Seuss, George Orwell, Herman, Melville, John Grisham, Deepak Chopra...

What else should I consider?

You could get a head start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my book for? (Who is your target audience? Be specific.)
  • How many copies should I start with?
  • How will I market the book myself?
  • If you want us to help market your book, what budget could you set aside for this, and what avenues should we prioritise?

Want to know more?

If we have not answered your query above, or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at info@create-publishing.in. Our team will be very happy to help wherever possible.